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About us

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About us

We fix wagons at the place where they broke down.

Railmax is a young company repairing freight wagons. We provide service throughout Poland, especially in it’s southern, eastern and south-eastern part, where the logistics base of our company is located. We are active in the towns bordering with Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia.

  • Quick Response
  • Verified Professionals
  • Flexible Price
  • High Quality Service
  • 24/7 Hours Support
  • Punctuality

We perform our work very carefully using the finest quality tools and working materials (in line with ECM). Railmax employees are three specialist with over 20 years of experience in PKP Cargo as well as various railway workshops. Thanks to this we are able to face almost any wagon fault. We work with many partners and suppliers in the country. We carry out our work on public PKP tracks and at the client’s. Our specialty is „last mile” work.

The work on the wagons is based on the client ECM documentation. We have the necessary documents and personal health and safety equipment. We have basic RID training with hasardous goods.

Here are the types of freight wagons which we maintain:

  • Z – Tanks (kl. 2,3)
  • E – Open
  • F – Open bulk
  • T – Loose
  • H – Spacious covered
  • R,K – Open with strancions
  • S – Intermodal platform

In 2020, we received the ECM 445/2011 Certificate from the Office of Rail Transport in the scope of the maintenance system functions.